Since this is a much shorter period than the last change log, we have less to talk about this time, but here goes!

Most notably, ticket search has improved: While it’s always been possible to specify multiple responsible: specifications in a search, responsible:none only worked in isolation. It was not possible to search for the set of tickets assigned to someone as well as unassigned tickets. Well, this has changed! So for example, if you want to make a bin of your tickets as well as stuff that nobody has picked up yet, you can do that now.

Milestone due dates could exhibit some odd behavior for project members in different time zones, so we now anchor milestone due date comparisons to the account-level time zone. This means milestones will be due/late at the same time for everyone!

In some cases it was possible to silently truncate content for a page if it was too large in size. We’ve added validation to prevent data loss, but the size restriction remains in place for now.

We are also handling (and cleaning up) more instances of failed callbacks, reducing the load on our job runners. We have also continued to improve the stability of our export process for very large data sets.

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